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  1. Haworth Tompkins: The Shed
     Haworth Tompkins (Steve Tompkins, Paddy Dillon, Shane McCamley)
    Client: National Theatre
    Contractor: Rise Contracts Ltd
    Theatre Consultant: Charcoalblue LLP
    Structural Engineer: Flint & Neill Ltd
    Services Engineer: Ingleton Wood LLP
    Quantity Surveyor: Gardiner & Theobald LLP
    Acoustic Consultant: Arup Acoustics
    Access Consultant: All Clear Designs Ltd
    Fire consultant: LWF
    Completion: February 2013
    Construction Cost: £1.2m
    Auditorium Dimensions: 14,8 x 18,3 x 8,7 metres (16,4 metres high including chimneys)
    Gross Internal Area: 628 square metres

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